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What is Thoughtward™ Method?

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Looking for Guidance?

Whether you are interested in working directly with Dr Ross, one of her certified THOUGHTWARD™ practitioners, or just learning the method on your own, we have a plan that fits your individual goals and budget.
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Looking to Guide Others?

If you currently have a practice or you are looking to begin one, the THOUGHTWARD™ method training plan will help you to offer the most unique and well rounded guidance to meet all of your clients needs. Don't have clients yet? Don't worry, we have a plan for that too.

What My Clients Say

“Working with Dawn has had a profound impact on my life”

Youmna T.

“Dawn's method has allowed me to develop a successful practice at my own pace”

Sarah R.

“The Thoughtward Method has helped me to improve my relationships with others and feel better about myself. ”

David C.

“I have been able to use the Thoughtward method to improve my personal life and now I can apply it to my practice to use with clients. I am very grateful to Dawn and to this program. ”

Tanisha J

“Working with Dawn and learning the Thoughtward Method allowed us to come back from the brink of divorce and learn to work together as a team. Now we are getting healthy together too. ”

Terry & Jeff M.