Founder, Dr Dawn April Ross, PhD

After more than a decade of research, professional counseling, workshops, seminars and retreats in metaphysics around the world Dr Ross decided to take her training, experience, unique skill set and highly intuitive ability to create an online learning experience via an ongoing series of courses to teach others her own methodology called "Thoughtward™ "..

At the Thoughtward™ academy you will be able to learn the life skills to help you succeed and become the best version of self, whether you choose to use this for your own personal edification or to pay it forward by enrolling in the professional courses to assist others along their journey.

Study at your own pace, wherever you are, taking advantage of all that the academy has to offer in order to gain these vital tools to create the life that you desire, be the person you truly wish to be and to realize your dreams all through the basic principles the Thoughtward™ method.

Courses include Energy and Thought, Elimination of Anxiety and Worry, Relationship Skills, Manifestation Practices, Weight Goals, Health Challenges and more.

We are so glad you are here, take a look around and if it feels right, please come inside and begin your journey Thoughtward™ to a better tomorrow.
Dawn Ross